I might as well share...


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    I might as well share...

    Message  NlGMA le Lun 12 Nov - 10:11

    Hello my fellow Bronies! My name is Michael and I like to draw ponies. With that being said I just wanted to let you know that I run an Ask-Blog on Tumblr to which I draw replies. It's called Best Pony Sisters and revolves around the idea that Sweetie Belle and Rarity are spending more time together by answering questions from the general public. In case you didn't guess so already, "Sisterhood Social" was what gave me the idea. well yes!

    You can find Best Pony Sisters here. However if you like my art you can find my general blog here and my DeviantArt page here.

    Now have a picture of The Littlest Derpy!


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