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    Message  Ezhan le Mar 30 Oct - 20:11

    Holy sh*t. Just watched the first 8 minutes of season 3.

    First of all, Shinning Armor and Cadance are playing an important role.

    Luna is almost important too.

    Celestia has more than 30 sec screen time.

    Twilight is passing a test in the mother fudgen Crystal Empire (it looks so awesome).

    A baddie was banished in the ice by Luna and Celestia a thousand years ago. In this scene we see the normal Luna implying it was a liuttle bit before she became Nightmare Moon (which happened a thousand years ago too) so maybe he transformed/corrupted her.

    A friggin song in episode 1?

    Only Twlight can save the Crystal Empire with SA and Cadance.

    My prediction: It wont be a 2 episode special like it was with Nightmare Moon, Discord and Queen Chrysalis. It will take place for the whole season. Twilight will succeed and she will have access to ''next level magic'' Celestia will transform her into an alicorn. Then you will see her missing her friend and asking Celestia to turn her back into a unicorn. Celestia will say she can but she will lose all her magic. She will accept because she love her friend. Season 4 will be about her trying to live without any magical powers. At then end of season 4 she will regain her power by fighting another baddie, to save her friends.


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