Top 5 Brony Music

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    Top 5 Brony Music

    Message  Knubrac le Sam 27 Oct - 17:40

    Here's my top 5 Brony Music.

    5. The Great And Powerful (x20) - ISMBOFepicly

    I love metal so it's a no brainer why I love this piece, all of it!


    4. You Gotta Share [Spaghetti Western Mix] - Eurobeat Brony

    I think this is my favorite remix from Eurobeat Brony. I just love the style and the banjo. Meeeeeh


    3. Flutterwonder - PinkiePieSwear

    This one I just don't know why I'm loving it. I just can't stop listening to it for some obscure reason. oh... Hm... If you s


    2. Rainbow Dash's Theme (Fighting is Magic) - RainbowCrash88

    Well. another piece of music that rocks. Makes me want to play that game even more! DERP DERP


    1. Discord Remix - The Living Tombstone

    Here's a gem I skipped when it came out. Little did I know that it would be played non stop at Bronycon. .n.


    Well, 5 is not much when I think about it. So, what's yours?
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    Re: Top 5 Brony Music

    Message  RED SANDVICH le Sam 27 Oct - 17:54

    La première est bien, du métal comme on l'aime So Awesome! Elle manque un peu de développement par contre.

    Les chansons de Eurobeat me font toujours penser aux jeux vidéos old gen \o/

    Le thème de Dashie pour Fighting is Magic est tout simplement FUCKING AWESOME. Je l'ai downloadé la journée qu'elle est sortie The 80\' are commin\

    Voici, je dirais, ma brony song préférée (et bien la seule chanson dubstep que je connaisse qui groove réellement):


    Dashie is best pony

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